Empty Nesters Didn’t Take Many Photographs

Dan is now a property owner in San Antonio. He has a condo fairly near his work at Southwest Research Institute (he’s a software developer), and has learned several new skills while doing various handyman projects at his place. At times he has had to be quite creative in fitting large objects into his Honda Civic.

Dan at his condo

In 2012, Dan was a bone marrow donor and this year he got to meet his recipient, Collin. Remarkably, the two live only an hour apart and they have since become friends. Blood brothers, one might say. According to the marrow database people, their geographical proximity is rare.

Dan and Collin

While visiting Collin, Dan went on his first hunting trip and cleanly shot a large 10-point buck. That stocked him up on venison for months.

Dan hunting

During the summer of 2014, Jason worked as an intern at a Houston energy trading company, where he become known as “tie guy”.

Jason at work

Jason is now in his Junior (third) year at the University of Texas in Austin, still on track for a double major in Mathematics and Economics. He has also passed three of the professional exams towards actuarial certification. This year, Jason got his UT class ring.

Jason's UT ring  Jason's UT ring

Jason continues to do musical things of various sorts, mostly with drums or bass guitar. To his impressive collection of musical instruments, this year Jason added a couple of guitars and a microphone.

Jason's new guitars

Belinda still sings with and is executive director of Houston Choral Showcase, a community show choir. She even got to direct a short silent movie used for a fundraising campaign.

Belinda with Houston Choral Showcase  Belinda with Houston Choral Showcase

Belinda also sang with the Houston Symphony Chorus. This photograph was taken after a performance of the massive Mahler 8 “Symphony of a Thousand” — the stage had to be extended to accommodate all the musicians. However, in September there was a change in chorus leadership and significant downsizing of the group. Belinda and 60% of the other sopranos lost their places.

Houston Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Before the Houston Symphony Chorus restructuring, the singers went on tour to Mexico City and Alan was able to join them as a hanger-on. In addition to rehearsals and concerts, they also got to do some sightseeing and these pictures were taken after climbing ancient pyramids (which is harder to do at high altitude when you normally live at sea level!).

Alan and Belinda in Mexico City  Alan and Belinda in Mexico City

We still have Tex the dog. He’s 10 years old now.