Safaris, Vehicles, Books, and Music

At the beginning of the year, Alan and Belinda travelled to South Africa for a family wedding and spent several days at a safari lodge as well. The wedding was a great time to catch up with four generations of Rossiters and associated family branches, and the safari experience was amazing.



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For various reasons, Belinda has decided not to keep her motorcycle. And about the same time, Dan decided that he would like to have one. So one hot summer day, Belinda rode the bike 200 miles to deliver it to Dan.

2015_belindaMotorcycle_resized300  2015_danMotorcycle_resized300

In addition to the motorcycle, Dan made a signficant upgrade to his old car and acquired a sleek black sports car that he has named Raven.

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Two books were published by Rossiters this year.

Energy Management and Efficiency for the Process Industries was written by Alan with friend/neighbor Beth Jones and published by Wiley.

March: A Good Man was written by Jason and published by Lulu.

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Dan has also been creative. He has formed a company called Lambda Services and launched a product called Thumber, which creates custom thumbnail images.


Jason has been developing his musical talents. In addition to playing bass guitar and drums for churches in Austin and Houston, he has written and performed several songs. You can find his work on Facebook, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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Jason will graduate from the University of Texas in May 2016 and is currently looking for full-time employment to start in the summer. If anyone knows of interesting actuarial job opportunities, please let us know!


Dan is still working as a software developer with Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.


Belinda still sings with and is Executive Director of Houston Choral Showcase.


And Tex is now almost 12. His eyesight is failing, but he doesn’t seem too bothered by that.